Kalamazoo Flower Group, LLC was newly created in 2007 when the Flower Division was split off from the Kalamazoo Valley Plant Growers Cooperative.

The Kalamazoo Valley Plant Growers (KVPG) Cooperative began in 1967 with 18 original greenhouse operators.  During the first three years of operation, the Co-op organized itself into three divisions.  

The first division formed was the General Bargaining and Promotion Division.  One purpose of this organization was to join greenhouse operators as a group to legally establish standardized pricing, packaging, and labeling of their finished plant products.  The other function of this division was to promote the use of plants to the consumer and fund scientific research to improve the production of the member’s plant products.  This division operated as a non-profit organization, and each member was assessed an annual fee to fund its operations.

The second division was the Grower Supply Division.  The purpose of this division was to unite the growers in the area with the goal of utilizing their enhanced purchasing power to obtain large volumes of products more economically.  The members built a warehouse and office and operated a Horticulture Supply Division.  This division marketed growing supplies and equipment to both member and non-member greenhouse operators.  

The third division at the Co-op was the Flower Marketing Division.  The purpose of this division was originally to diversify members’ existing markets.  Since its inception, flower marketing has grown rapidly.  As growers expanded, the Co-op became their marketing agent.  Spring bedding plants continued to be the largest share of the Co-op’s plant sales and Fall Pansies & Mums, Poinsettia, Easter Lilies, Perennials, and other potted holiday crops continued to increase the Cooperative’s year-round flower business.  At the end of 2007, the Flower Marketing Division became its own company, Kalamazoo Flower Group.

The plant marketing services performed by Kalamazoo Flower Group allow growers to concentrate on production of quality plant material while we take responsibility for marketing, sales, transportation, and accounting systems.  Kalamazoo Flower Group contracts with growers for specific quantities of crops planned for sale.  This division of responsibility allows Kalamazoo Flower Group the ability to service a large number of retail customers in a wide geographic area.  

In 2013, the Kalamazoo Flower Group launched its own merchandising company Kalamazoo Garden Solutions, who's purpose is to provide exceptional merchandising practices to our customers, while training and assisting our customers on merchandising and caring for all categories of live goods. We work to build strong partnerships at each customer location to execute best practices and increase overall sell through of their live goods inventory.